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Skew Rotator Infinity

For all bevels on plasma contour cuts

The Skew Rotator Infinity continuous rotation is capable of accurately cutting bevel profiles (non-vertical) on nearly any contour. When the machine is programmed to cut at a bevel angle, the current and stand-off height is controlled by the same NC part program on the Global Control Plus.

The system is used to create bevels for weld-preparation surfaces or for active edges as used on earth engagement tools. Bevel and Land edge configurations can be created via multiple passes.

The bevel angle is automatically set using a combination of A-axis and C-axis interpolation by the CNC. The C-axis may be programmed as a positioning axis or a coordinated motion in conjunction with the X/Y linear axis. When operated along with X/Y motion, the C-axis will maintain the bevel position tangential to the direction of travel.

Key Features

  • AC drives for high performance.
  • Programmable arc current, arc voltage, and bevel angle.
  • Infinite C-axis rotation at a rate of 75 RPM, reduces cut cycle and programming time.
  • Quick torch focal point adjustment for easy consumable changeover.
  • Lateral and vertical torch "decoupler" collision detection to prevent torch damage in event of a collision.
  • Automatic torch height control by analog arc voltage with an accuracy of +- 0,15 mm so part accuracy is maintained during bevel cutting.
  • Resultant piece part bevel angles of +45 degrees through -45 degrees
  • The most successful plasma bevel cutting head ever
  • Compound Skew Axis System for high flexibility and productivity
  • No cumbersome arc segments to risk collision or inhibit the cut
  • Unlimited C Axis rotation